I can’t bear excessive grief

I can’t bear so much sadness
just like leaves cannot bear the deposited frost in the winter cold
God! Teach me to pray
And learn not to panic even in times of crisis

I can’t see the stars when trodding on my lonely path
YOU sprinkle fireflies to light up my way
Please push away my fear
As if YOU are pruning the clumps of awns in the garden

YOU tell me to be patient
But in life
There are always unsurpassable blocks!

If I’m tired, frustrated and void of energy
Are YOU still waiting for me far away?
Please take care of my weak physique so I can walk alongside YOU

I can’t bear excessive sadness
Just like a small empty can can’t catch the heavy rain
In times of tempest
I don’t know how many desolate mornings and evenings I have passed through?

There are footprints left by you around me
Evidencing your love for me

Who laid down his life for me?
The blue sky takes away the fatigue of the birds
The sea swarms the swimming fish with the affection of the waves

God! Indeed YOU are omnipresent
Let me ask no questions about YOUR Creation in which I live and
Witness your Almighty Presence!